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Her one stop shop salon is build around the concept of customer service.Jenna has displayed growth, passion, positivity, and great business skills over the past two years that she has been involved with Youth Ventures.The winner of the Youth Ventures award for Excellence in Financial Management, sponsored by BDC – Business Development Bank of Canada, is Alyssa Barrett and Karlie Squires.This award is given to a business with outstanding financial record keeping.On August 10th, 2017, Youth Ventures celebrated the 20th Annual Youth Ventures Awards, presented by the CBDC.During this afternoon event, young entrepreneurs were recognized for their excellence throughout the summer program.This award will go to a business owned by a youth, 17 years and under, who has experienced significant achievement during the current year and stands out amongst the crowd.By reading the application, the judges should get a good understanding of what makes this particular business different and exceptional.

This business usually promotes customer service as the cornerstone to its success.

The winner of the Youth Ventures award for Excellence in Customer Service, sponsored by Jungle Jim’s, is Cora Hogg and Devyn Hogg.

This award will go to the business that is outstanding in going over and above what is required in the area of customer service.

The Convenience Crew ‘s great marketing and customer service has allowed them to grow to a company of 5 employees in just a few short months.

Ephraim and Steven know their customers and use creative ways to reach them.

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