Wtf dating site profile pictures reaction to flu

”/ Frozen miracles/ A bumbling gargoyle/ PAT/ PAT TIME/ A Miserable Retail Slave/ Tommy’s a Ghetto Superstar/ Lauryn..

Hair scares/ A gypsy curse/ An alpha move/ A left part/ A southpaw/ The microphone master/ the variations of the female haircut/ The twisted beauty salon experience/ Tommy the nice guy/ Heaven is to blame/ Mushrooms and horse noises/ The Great Relief...

The boss/ A Salvation Army bell ringing incident/ The Salvation Sweeties/ An opportunist/ The worst bathroom ever/ ‘open sesame’/ the perfect Mentos opportunity/ Tommy wants to believe in a flat Earth/ Fat dads/ Shout out to the Christmas parties/..

Not a competitive man/ The kids need money/ Smug dogs/ This is Tommyland now/ Mudstreaks/ A tale from Randy’s youth/ The Shoplifter/ Mr Sears’ Gold Chocolate Coin/ The lessons of Stan Lee and Spider-Man/ The Scowling Face of Despair/ Laptop woes/...

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More Tales of Barber Bill/ Tommy’s emo haircut/ being one the guys in the barber shop/ Rags Wilson, “Edsel’s Last Plow”/ Telepathic barbers would make the best hitman/ Hitman barber skills/ Cut the Soul Hair/ Tommy would make a good hitman/...

Tommy’s Hamster Wheel/ Anxiety/ Randy was an uneasy rider/ Creeps have library cards/ One mini-disaster after another/ a new hero? Real responsibility/ Driving one of Voltron’s lions/ Action movie fears/ Eat the head?

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