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But, as Vanessa Grigoriadis reports, the drama leaves Silicon Valley debating emotional issues, from office romance to fear of mortality.NEW LOOK Sergey Brin at the Diane von Furstenberg spring 2013 show.Besides managing—or even just monitoring—far more assets than Altaba will, Black Rock and Vanguard also have another distinguishing factor: They are complex businesses with their own products and operations spread across the world.Ultimately, Black Rock and Vanguard’s executives are accountable for their own companies’ performance.Add to that the million worth of unexercised stock options awarded to Mayer, plus the million of Yahoo stock she already owns (which she’ll be free to sell when she leaves the company), and Mayer’s net worth is set to increase by about 9 million.

In short, Mc Inerney is getting paid a huge amount to sit atop a fund that basically runs itself.Even after Yahoo goes through with the sale of its core business, it will still pay its top executives handsomely—and in some cases, even better than it did before.In announcing a plan for the company’s future Monday, Yahoo (yhoo) said it had picked a new CEO to replace Marissa Mayer once its deal with Verizon (vz) officially closes.Clarification: A previous version of this article referred to Mc Inerney’s long-term incentive rewards as stock grants.While such compensation is typically awarded in some form of stock that vests over time, Altaba has yet to establish what form these rewards will take.

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