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Thomas Lennon is confirmed for a return as Leo Getz, reprising a role that he introduced in Season 1, Episode 15, “As Good as it Getz.” The character is depicted as a neurotic, ambulance-chasing, Saul Goodman-esque bus bench lawyer who’s targeted by the Cartel; a reinvention of Joe Pesci’s Lethal Weapon movie series character, who was a sketchy, but good-hearted, accountant-turned federal witness and subsequent companion to the Riggs/Murtaugh team.Lennon, a comedy actor with an extensive CV, has fielded runs on shows, recently with The Odd Couple reboot and Santa Clarita Diet, and starred in the classic cop show spoof Reno 911!

Her small company just celebrated its first anniversary. Now, Wolfe was at the Washington Post Live’s Ingenuity technology summit on Wednesday, past tables of free Kind bars and people starting at laptops, when a young man approached. It’s awesome,” he said, adding, “I admire you a lot.” Wolfe smiled. “I just had to tell you,” the woman said, “my best girlfriend met her boyfriend on Bumble.” Wolfe beamed. Wolfe claimed this degree of fandom does not often happen. But her story clearly still resonates -- even though she'd prefer to avoid discussing parts of it.

Fox may have a (demonstrably justifiable) hair-trigger reputation when it comes to cancelling shows it once heralded.

However, one series that avoided the network's repertory wrath this season was Lethal Weapon.

In little more than a year, she has gone from a high-profile job at the massively popular dating app Tinder to filing a sexual harassment lawsuit that accused her former Tinder bosses of “atrocious acts,” which kicked off what she now calls “the whole media unraveling,” invasions and distractions that continue to erupt at unexpected times.

Her story was widely seized upon as evidence that tech culture is toxic to women, that dating apps such as Tinder are misogynist at their core, that she’s a hero, that she is just seeking attention. But that hasn’t stopped others from seeing her as a symbol of their own convictions.

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It has been criticized for making women a commodity and killing romance – some female users complain men flood them with lewd photos.

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