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Customers can also select Automatic Mode in the printer driver software.The colour and print quality is then adjusted automatically to achieve optimum results regardless of what is being printed or the type of paper being used.Epson is committed to supporting Windows 7 and is continually developing applications and device drivers across our range of digital imaging products to comply with Microsoft s new global standards.Windows 7 will support some Epson products right out of the box, in addition to which we are preparing to release a range of driver updates to correspond with Windows 7 s release in the last quarter of 2009.Get Localized String 28 22No 22 29 29 3b 3c/center 3e 7b6 7d 3cbr / 3e 3cbr / 3e 3cinput type 3d 27textbox 27 style 3d 27width 3a200px 27 id 3d 27Text Box 27 style 3d 22border 3a solid 1px 23333 3b 22 / 3e 3cbutton class 3d 22Button 22 onclick 3d 22Get Rad Window 28 29.

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