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These long periods of similar looking razors and the general absence of serial numbers or manufacturing codes linked to time, frustrate efforts to date examples of the razor over time.However, there are several ways to place a Schick Injector Razor into at least a period of time, if not an exact year.Will we soon see and end to this venerable little shaving machine?Over the years the Schick Injector Razor has been made by at least four different parent companies.Unfortunately they terminated sales of the razor in stores in North America in about 1998, although they are still available on the internet.Through it all, the venerable Schick Injector has endured for almost 70 years.There are manufacturing codes on most Schick razor products made since about 1960.

It was a mass produced article, and the numbers found for sale on auction sites like EBay attest to its popularity as a shaving tool, and its endurance as an object.

In 1969, Eversharp sold the Schick Safety Razor Company to Warner Lambert Company, a pharmaceutical conglomerate that still holds the rights, and they added Wilkinson Sword razors to their stable in the mid-1990's.

Warner Lambert was in turn engulfed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, who among other things is now selling Wilkinson designed razors under the Schick name in North America.

After the addition of the bakelite handle in 1936, the outward appearance of the razor changed very little until the mid 1950's.

A period of updating and restyling followed until the basic format of the late 1960's, which endured with little change for another third of a century until late in the 1990's.

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