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Radio Maria's programming mostly emanates from one centrally located studio or station in a given region or country, and is then re-broadcast (or "simulcast") on a network of repeater transmitters on the AM and FM bands.Some employ the use of a subcarrier, also known as SCA (for "Subsidiary Communications Authority") facilities of FM stations, requiring the use of a receiver designed to receive SCA signals.Arusha as a party of Tanzania in the African continent, we see the Wikimania conference as an crucial event and that is at the same time educational, promotional, and social; our planning aims to support all of these aspects and purposes.African scholars have been in the fore-front of research about the influence of the Internet, "Wiki culture", collaborative work and crowd sourcing on 21st century culture.Since the emergence of the internet, audiostreaming has been used extensively as a means to help fill-in gaps left by the unavailability of AM or FM frequencies in metropolitan areas already taken up by commercial, public, or other religious broadcasters.

Its United States of America operations is one of the newest joining the World Family in May 2000 with KJMJ (AM) in Alexandria, Louisiana being the originating English-language station, together with a network of several FM and AM repeaters in Louisiana, an AM station in Port Arthur, Texas on 1250 AM (KDEI), and an FM repeater in Anna, Ohio.It allows Wikipedians and other Wikimedians to step outside the daily routine, learn about the overall concept of Wikimedia, understand how it influences and is being influenced by society, and how it relates to other projects and ideas.The conference allows the attendees to exchange opinions and insights, and exposes them to the work and thinking beyond the projects themselves.It was inspired by the Marian apparitions at Fátima, Portugal (and in more recent years in Medjugorje), pleading for worldwide conversion.As such, Radio Maria is not subsidized or funded by the Roman Catholic Church; instead it is underwritten by listener contributions.

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In less than five years, it grew into a national Catholic radio network throughout Italy.

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