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This feature prevents applets from automatically loading and allows users to control what content they want to run or avoid.

Safari allows you to configure plug-in behavior in the browser on a website basis.

Later that same year with the release of Internet Explorer 3.0, Active X Controls were able to be embedded within HTML content using the “OBJECT” tag.

The use of this tag would force the web browser to automatically install the control after being downloaded with minimal user interaction.

The out-of-date Active X control blocking applies to: In some instances, after installing Java 7 using Internet Explorer, Java apps do not function.

If Internet Explorer default settings are on, you'll see the Information Bar when a Web site tries to: • Install an Active X control on your computer. In the Internet Explorer, on the "Tools" menu, click on "Internet Options".Active X provides similar functionality to Java Applets except they are only supported officially on the Internet Explorer web browser.Examples of commonly used Controls include list boxes, command buttons, and dialog boxes.This resulted in richer content for compatible browsers; however, introduced security dangers when browsing to websites that used Active X content.Since that time, Microsoft has introduced a number of controls to reduce the risk of running Active X content to include digitally signed installation packages, stricter default security settings in IE, and a blacklist of malicious or bad Active X controls.

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A common task that arises for end-users is to determine how to install Active X on a personal computer.

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