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Many habitually continue a mistake to be consistent with previous mistakes, to not confuse the listener-reader.I have been researching the history of Spiritual Christians (folk Protestants) from Russia, my heritage, since entering college in the 1960s.Other Spiritual Christian (non-Orthodox, folk Protestant, sectarian) groups with origins in Old Russia that resettled in North America (Adventisty, Baptisti, Dukhobortsy,** Evangeliki, Pyatidesyatniki, Shalaputi, Subbotniki, Svobodniki, etc.) are not the focus of this taxonomy, though they were all often called malakan, or Molokan in error.Old Orthodox faiths (Old Ritualists, staroobryadtsy, Old Believers, staroverie) are raskolniki, not Spiritual Christians, and often confused with malakan.——————————— Short answer to question 1: Why do so many falsely call themselves "Molokan"?Candidate must: You will be invited to go through the Bank’s five-step recruitment process, summarized below: Step 1: Computer-Based Assessment If eligible, you will be invited to complete a Computer-Based assessment comprising of questions covering Spatial Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, History/Current Affairs, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation.The second and the third digit of the Nigeria Postal codes or Zip codes are combined with the first code.

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Can you imagine someone who calls everyone "dude," never learning peoples' real names?

Wouldn't life be so much simpler if we just all call everyone "dude"?

The woman whose picture he’d been shown was that of an entirely different person.

He was heartbroken to find he had really fallen for no more than a mirage.

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Imagine a dude who doesn't know many words and always calls a #2 Phillips screwdriver "hammer," a shop broom "hammer," or a 15" pipe-wrench "hammer"?

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