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Some of the early names that International sponsored included Gene Autry, Eddie Arnold, and Amos and Andy.In 1932, International marketed the “New International Blue Flame Burner” for converting coal and wood stoves to gas, using oil fuel.“On hot days, we would put big chunks of ice by the blower of the coal furnace and cool off the house,” he chuckled.As oil heat evolved into the popular mode of keeping homes warm, Wisconsin Fuel added oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel to its delivery schedule while it phased out coal delivery.Edward eventually talked his father into joining the company, along with family members John and Leon.In the 1930s, Wisconsin Fuel concentrated on delivering coal and wood to customers with coal-burning and wood-burning stoves.A “chance” happening occurred that directed the company into extending its market from residential oil heating to manufactured homes.“In 1933, a gentleman drove up to our business with a trailer hooked on a car,” said Brown.“He told us he had to have an oil heater for his trailer.“At that time, the only trailer heaters were small pot-bellied coal stoves that would only hold a minimal amount of coal. Louis Board of Aldermen looked for ways to reduce the pollution problem in the city caused by burning coal.

Ron Althoff remembers his days as a youth, visiting his father and grandfather in their coal office at Wisconsin Fuel & Heating in Kenosha, WI.The company is now run by the fourth generation, Gregg and Scott Althoff, and Scott Carney. Newman was a young man with a young family in 1933.His wife had just given birth to a son, Don, and had to quit her job as a schoolteacher.He now had a family to support, but he lacked any formal training, and jobs were scarce.“My dad was uneducated and suffered from job losses at the end of the Depression,” said his son, Don.“He borrowed a couple of hundred dollars, bought a truck, and started selling coal door to door in Buffalo (NY).”Reginald Newman eventually switched from coal to selling oil-burning furnaces and kerosene heaters in the late 30s.

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Louis who could afford to install a gas-burning furnace.

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