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Sulli, who will star in the upcoming film as Song Yoo-hwa later this year, split with Dynamic Duo member Choiza earlier this year after dating since August 2014, reportedly due to conflicting schedules.

He wrote: “After lots of thought, Choi Jin-ri and I decided to go separate ways” In addition, the director expressed expectation that his breakup news with Sulli will not become the spotlight of the public. There is only the story of the two, and no other special stories or curious backstories.” On the same day, Sulli’s agency, SM Entertainment also confirmed that the singer-turned-actress and her boyfriend already fell out of love.The married Bongwan leaves home in the dark morning and sets off to work.The memories of the woman who left weigh down on him. 015B - The Sixth Sense - Farewell to the World (Vol.6) (lbum 1996) 33. 015B - The Fourth Movement (Vol.4) (Album 1993) 32.

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