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Start your online shopping Wednesday for the best deals and the largest selections. The next time you see one of those little dialogue boxes asking if you would like to chat with someone at the company, don't just close it.Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are the most popular days for retailers to roll out sales and discount codes. Say hello and ask if they have any promo codes they can share with you.That way you only have to look at them when you want to. Sign up for rewards and insider programs wherever you shop.The benefits vary from brand to brand and site to site, but can range from special members-only discounts to advance previews and special sales — especially useful on flash sites like Gilt where getting to check out a sale 15 minutes before the rest of the world can mean the difference between getting the item you want and walking away empty-handed. Follow your favorite brands on social media for access to special discounts not advertised elsewhere.If you start your checkout as a "guest" instead of registering, then they won't know who you are or how to get in touch with you.Also, make sure you click the "OK to contact me about sales and special offers" option when you register.8.This is particularly useful when you are shopping on flash sale sites where time and quantities are so limited. Use the wait-list function when items you like are not available in your size.

Just make sure you have an account set up with them before you close out.

A crop top that exposes 6 inches of stomach on a model who is 5-foot-10, might feel intimidatingly naked at first, but, depending on how tall you are, you may find that your midriff is barely exposed at all.

Similarly, a midi skirt on the model will probably end up looking more like a maxi on you if you are only 5-foot-2.13.

You can buy the same piece in multiple sizes to ensure that you get an optimal fit.

Yes, you will have to return the stuff you don't want to keep, but often you can return items bought online directly to the store if that is more convenient than dealing with shipping.

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