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Great books find a permanent place in our consciousness.Their wisdom and teachings can be tapped at any time we need them.Since its publication I have never sat down and read my book cover to cover, although I will read a chapter now and then to my amusement.It’s a really fun story and about something dear to my heart.Richards takes who he is in stride and is a real Guy’s Guy.

He’s more layered than the drugged out image we have of him.

It only takes a day or so to finish it and each time I’ve read this book it held a different meaning that coincided with what was going on in my life at the time.

What I learned – This book taught me that life is a journey with many twists and turns.

Last week I took you on a tour of five books that rocked my world and gifted me with important life lessons.

This week your Guy’s Guy presents the next five on the list, and they are equally important in their quality and teachings.

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