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However, 1947 was too early for such a bid; it emerged in the 1980s as the Khalistan movement.By May 1947, it dawned upon Jinnah that the Sikhs were not going to join Pakistan.He therefore resigned on March 2, 1947, precipitating an acute political crisis.On March 3, Master Tara Singh famously flashed his kirpan (sword) outside the Punjab Assembly, calling for the destruction of the Pakistan idea.For a while he argued that Punjabis and Bengalis shared a common culture and identity.However, since it contradicted his basic stand that Hindus and Muslims were separate nations who did not share any national character, the discovery that Punjabis (Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs) and Bengalis (Hindus and Muslims) shared the same culture was the weakest argument in his brief for the Two-Nation Theory.The same day, Governor Jenkins imposed governor’s rule.

It brought forward the transfer of power date to India and Pakistan to mid-August 1947.No one will go back on it.’ There was nothing to be said after this and the meeting ended” (op. Meanwhile, the British military had on May 12, 1947 come round to the view that if Pakistan was created it would be good for their interests in South Asia and the Persian Gulf.On page 209, I have quoted verbatim the memorandum the British heads of the three branches of the armed forces and Field Marshal Montgomery prepared in support of the creation of Pakistan.The same day in the evening, Sikhs and Muslim clashed in Amritsar.On March 5, violence spread to Multan and Rawalpindi.

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That evening, Hindu and Sikh leaders gathered in Purani Anarkali and made even more extremist speeches (The Punjab Bloodied, Partitioned and Cleansed, Oxford, 2012, pages 128-135).

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