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It is the ‘squeezed middle’ — households earning between £40,000 and £100,000 a year — on whom they bear too heavily.The national budget deficit is still terrifyingly large, which we sometimes forget amid all the other political dramas: in the first six months of this financial year, the Government spent £32.5 billion more than it received. Every pound of tax the rich avoids paying is another pound the rest of us must find.Some of my super-successful friends will respond by saying: ‘Come off it, Max — this is real old “politics of envy” stuff that plays straight into Labour’s hands.’Sorry, but it seems to me that only by confronting the grievances created by tax avoidance can we hope to avoid the tragedy of a Corbyn government, more Left-wing than any in our history.I am surprised how forgiving the public is to celebrities, sportsmen and movie stars who queue up for and, indeed, receive honours, yet make their lives in such ghastly places as Monaco, to escape paying their debts to Britain.Why should the young, unable to buy homes or find well-paid jobs, see anything ‘fair’ about these rules of the game?How can those of us who passionately believe that capitalism is the least bad way to run our affairs expect poorer voters to agree?But at a time when Jeremy Corbyn’s neo-Stalinist Labour Party is ahead in the polls, the Government is tottering, wages are stagnant and new figures from the Office for Budget Responsibility show taxation heading towards taking its largest slice of national income since 1970 (34.4 per cent in 2019-20), it is hard to imagine a more brutal blow at the image of capitalism.What are people struggling to manage household debt supposed to make of the revelations?

But, today, taxes on the rich are not unreasonably high.There is cause for deep concern about the political impact in the decades ahead of millions of job losses through automation: these will affect even relatively well-educated people.Even without all the other troubles afflicting the world, the chasm between an elite assured of getting ever wealthier, and a much larger number of people whose prospects are going nowhere, poses a historic challenge.Moreover, the documents name and shame the dodgers — which, however you dress it up, is what they are.The Queen is in one sense the least blameworthy, because it is wildly unlikely that she herself has any inkling that £10 million of her private fortune lives in a tax haven.

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