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Learn about the faculty and visiting lecturers und widmet sich den hochaktuellen Diskursen der zeitgenössischen Kunsttheorie und -praxis aus der Perspektive des kognitiven Kapitalismus. der Wandel von Arbeit im Informationszeitalter hat neue Formen kognitiver Prozesse und die dafür notwendigen Areale im menschlichen Gehirn geschaffen.Aufgabe dieses Kurses wird es sein, die möglichen Auswirkungen auf die Kunstpraxis und -theorie zu beleuchten.

The exhibition space will serve as a studio where participants can apply ideas learned during the course.This course asks us to consider what may be the ramifications for art practitioners and theorists.Recently Cognitive Capitalism has evolved from its roots in Italian Operaismo as a strictly social-political-economic field of study to one that now engages with the brain’s neural plasticity to develop an extended materialism concerned with the world, the body and brain simultaneously.Member of the European Network (with Yvonne Hardt and Anna-Carolin Weber, 2013), numerous articles in books and journals on the topic of affect, art, and media theory. Central to Aranda’s practice are her involvement with circulation mechanisms and the idea of a “poetics of circulation”; her interest on science-fiction, space travel and zones of friction; the possibility of a politicized subjectivity through the perception and use of time, and the notion of power over the imaginary.Julieta Aranda’s work spans installation, video, and print media, with a special interest in the creation and manipulation of artistic exchange and the subversion of traditional notions of commerce through art making.

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It brings together activists and cultural practitioners in an adaptable and non-hierarchal structure with the aim to foster a unique space for discussion and exchange.

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