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With the lack of knowledge being freely dispersed through the internet people will evolve slower.

Meaning you won’t know something that someone else found out days, months or even years ago just because a company didn’t want you to know or didn’t like the content.

If google has the right to take down content because it dislikes blogs talking about sex it may eventually take down every blog it dislikes.

Stilling holding true to this day it is very unwise for google to go against something they have never done.Imagine a world where sex talk was completely banned across all points of life.Movies would lose a lot of the classic comedies such as American Pie and other films where sex is fused with comedy to create entertainment.With the entertainment business almost completely merged with sexual connotations it would almost impossible to enjoy any film that wouldn’t be rated r.Even with rated r films sexual connotations being deleted could completely destroy the movie.

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Just like everything else in the public space that can either be participated in or ignored the sexual blogs are the same.

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